Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NYC Day 1

Wow was this a long day!  It started at 4 in the morning (our flight was at 6) and ended at 10 that night!  Well, the reason we are in NYC is b/c Bill is attending some classes with the medical examiner's office of NYC.  So, while he is in class I'll be sightseeing and then sightseeing some more at night with him.  We flew into LaGuardia Airport and then took a $30 taxi ride to our hotel.  Fortunately we didn't have to pay for that ride!

We are staying at Flatotel on 52nd St between 6th and 7th Ave in Midtown Manhattan.  We are blocks from Time Square and alot of touristy stuff so we can walk to just about everything.  We also got a Metro card for the week for $27 each that gives us unlimited access to the subway and buses which will give our legs a break.  Taxis get just too costly for running around and we wanted to experience mass transportation NYC style!

Our first  meal was a late b'fast at the Astro Restaurant.  This is a typical NYC diner and we had the typical corned beef hash with eggs.  Huge and very satisfying to last us until supper.  We had a great time chatting with the staff and everyone is very nice.

From there we took a walk down to Times Square.  What a sight!  You really can't take it all in!  Every time since then when I've gone back I see something I didn't see before!  There is a small Time Square Visitor's Center in an old theater that gives you a little history about it.  They also have one of the crystal balls they drop on New Year's Eve for you to see close up.  The museum is free and was a nice relief from the cold!

Afterwards we went back to our hotel for a little rest before we went back out.  For supper we went to a wonderful Greek restaurant called Molyvos.  It had a great atmosphere as well as great food. 


Bill got Hortosoupa, a bean and vegetable soup, and Makaronia, homemade pasta rolled with braised short ribs and a cheesy cream sauce. 
I had the Salata Roka, a salad for mixed greens with oven dried tomatoes and a crunchy bread topped with a yogurt cheese spread, and Lahano Dolmades, cabbage rolls stuffed with ground lamb & pork with rice then topped with a spiced yogurt sauce.

Lahano Dolmades
We shared a Ravani for dessert which is an almond cake topped with stewed figs and a vanilla yogurt cream.  Everything was so delicious and I plan to look for their recipes on-line.  The chef has several write ups in papers and magazines that you can find on the restaurant's website too.


After supper we went to the Rockefeller Center to go to the Top of Rock observation deck.  It was great, but cold, view.  When you take the elevator up they project video on the clear ceiling of the elevator and you can see the elevator shaft as you travel 70 floors up.  The buildings, filled with artwork, are beautiful examples of Art Deco from the 30s.  I hope to go back later this week just to see more of its artwork.

Skating Rink @ Rockefeller

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