Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NYC Day 2

This wasn't quite the whirlwind of a day like Day 1 was.  First of all I got to sleep till daylight! 

Chicken Ramen Soup

I didn't venture out of the hotel until lunch.  Across the street from the hotel was a place called Cafe Dukes.  Its like the craziest cafeteria I've ever been to!  It's broken up into different areas that serve such things as pizza, panninis, salads, sushi, korean, and a hot food bar that has an assortment of different things.  At lunch time it was packed full of people.  I decided on having the chicken ramen noodle soup from the Korean section.  They gave me a huge quart of soup, a side of kimchee, and I grabbed a diet Mt Dew all for about $9.  The soup came with a spoon and chopsticks and I refused to get a fork.  I managed to eat pretty good but hopefully no one was watching me.  Isn't there such a thing as the Chopsticks Diet where you eat everything with chopsticks?  I bet it works!  Anyway, I enjoyed my soup and tried some kimchee with it.  It tastes like a sorta spicy, kinda sour, chunky pickled slaw.  I liked it!  I had enough leftover to have for lunch another day.

After lunch I went to find some groceries so that I could have b'fast and some snacks in our room.  Well no one here calls them grocery stores, they say supermarkets.  Also I couldn't find them!  Tiny little things stuck in between other stores and with just a few things for alot of money!  I got 2 apples, 2 pints of milk, and 2 small yogurts for $6.  Later I found that a more normal looking supermarket was a few more blocks north of me.  I may visit it later this week.

Black & White Cookie

While I was out I passed by a little bakery and cafe, Fluffy's Cafe, and decided to stop in for some hot chocolate, or steamed chocolate as they call it.  I couldn't resist the black and white cookie either!  Its like a soft, not very sweet cookie the size of a large hamburger bun top with vanilla and chocolate icing.  It was so good but I couldn't eat it all at once.  I did finish it by that night and I did share a little with Bill!

That evening was a reception at the hotel's restaurant, Moda, for all of the student's that were attending the school.  Nothing too exciting just some pasta dishes, bland salad, and cookies.  I don't sound very impressed do I.  I wasn't.  The best thing was the roasted chicken, the olives, and manchego cheese I had.  Oh well, I would still have a week of good food to look forward to!

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