Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day Two - The trip to Williamsburg

Today and tomorrow we are spending our time in Colonial Williamsburg.  It was alot bigger than I imagined and I'm glad we got tickets for two days because we slept late recovering from the ride.  Here is a real brief summary on Colonial Williamsburg.  It was a real town and the colonial capital of Virginia.  In the 30s they started restoring it back to its colonial days.  Many original buildings were gone and so  most of the restoration has been rebuilding the structures that were originally there.  I was very impressed on how well everything was done.  I was not impressed, however, on my knowledge of history!  I need to be schooled!!  I know I should have gotten all this stuff back in grade school but I just didn't.  I need a repeat.

Well anyway.....let's talk about food.  Colonial Williamsburg recreated several taverns that existed in colonial times.  We ate at the King's Arms Tavern.  The meals are suppose to be based on dishes they would have originally served.

We started with a peanut soup that is supposedly a Virginian favorite.  I wasn't thrilled and kinda suspicious if I was going to like it in the first place.  It was bad just kinda weird.  Bill and I both thought it seemed more like a sauce than a soup.  It was not sweet, very creamy, but sorta bland. 

My roast, however was great.  The vegetables didn't get cooked enough though.  Bill got the East Indian Spiced Fried Chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  His was the best hands down!

That afternoon we got a piece of apple cake and a sweet potato muffin to enjoy while we watched some reenactments.  I had some cold apple cider with it and it was wonderful.  We weren't very hungry that evening so we just split a burger at Season's Restaurant.  It wasn't anything special but a good burger.

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