Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day Six and Seven - The trip to Williamsburg

Well I didn't have much to say about day six because we pretty much rested that day.  We ate lunch at Panera which is one of my favorite places to go that I don't go to enough.  I recommend the french onion soup in the sourdough bread bowl.  Yummy!

Day seven was time to go home.  We had a great time but we were missing our boys terribly!  Once you see the 3 places we stopped to eat and what we had you'll probably think that we were guzzling pepto that night!  But it was all good and it didn't make us sick all though I couldn't eat like that often.  We took a different route home that took us on the Blueridge Pkwy.  It was a very pretty drive through northern Virginia and Tenn.

Our first stop was in Richmond, Va at the Dairy Bar Restaurant.  This was formerly a cafeteria for a dairy plant there but remained open after the plant closed.  They are know for their ice cream but we didn't have any with our b'fast.  I got corned beef hash which is something I don't get very often but its a nice change every once in a while.  Bill got a biscuit covered with sausage, eggs, potatoes, and gravy.  A mess on a plate but tasty.  Southern Living says its the best place for b'fast in Richmond.  I thought it was pretty good too.

On down the road in Charlottesville, Va, close to Va Tech, we got some lunch a Dudes Drive-in.  It's a teeny little place that you pull up to and a carhop comes and takes your order.  Bill and I each had a Dude cheeseburger, which is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tom, onion, & mayo, and shared a chocolate shake.  It was a very good burger and shake.  I'm sure it's very popular with the locals.

Finally in Knoxville, Tn we had an early supper at the Pizza Palace.  This was featured on DDD.  It's also a drive-in but they have a small counter inside that seat a few.  We went inside to get out of the car a little.  We decided to share the raviolis and greek salad.  I had to try their famous onion rings but I was only able to eat two so I took the rest home.  It was all very good and I would definitely like to go back and try their pizza which look thin and crispy.

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