Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chuy's Mexican Restaurant

We went to Chuy's for Bill and Sam's birthday.  Their food was very fresh and delicious.  Fresh made salsa and handmade tortillas.  You can view their menu here.  I had a beef chile relleno with ranchero sauce and chicken enchilada with tomatillo sauce.  I have, for some reason, always been afraid to try the chile relleno at other mexican restaurants.  It was really, really good at Chuy's and I was told it is nothing like the others.  So I guess I'm still afraid to try it at other restaurants.  The enchilada was just ok.  Next time I'll get two rellenos!!  Bill had Chuy's special which was blue corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and cheese and topped with tomatillo sauce and a fried egg.  We had their soapapillas for dessert which are the closest to what we have had in Texas.  Pretty much, they are doughnuts dusted with cinnamon and served with honey.  I definitely give this place a thumbs up and will look forward to going there again.

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